Welcome to your new opening section of the magazine: “The Tangent.” Inspired by the name of The Statement blog, we hope it can lead you astray. Go ahead. Browse around from section to section, skimming through pop culture, University news and interesting columns, all within the brief 10 minutes of Michigan time before class. Want more information about items in “Trending” and “On the Record” sections? Click to our blog for links from Daily articles and other news sources to further your knowledge. You can dive into the Tangent or skim the surface — you pick your path. But while you’re here, make sure you leave your mark. Use your meme skills to help us think of captions for “Outtakes,” and tweet at @thestatementmag what you think is trending for the week. And we want you to make a statement as well. The “Personal Statement” section in the back of the magazine is your platform to write a first-person essay about an experience, revelation, embarrassing moment or anything that has shaped your life. The feature stories and visual statements give our staff an opportunity to explore the world of magazines, but it’s your chance too. Make your statement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest — and make your statement right here, each Wednesday, in our pages.

Haley Goldberg, Magazine Editor

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