As a University of Michigan senior graduating during a tough economic moment for our country and even tougher job market, it feels as though so much of my future is riding on the outcome of the Nov. 6th elections. That’s why I’m so strongly in favor of Proposal 3 for increased reliance on clean energy and more Michigan jobs.

Raising our renewable energy standard to 25 percent by the year 2025 (which is similar to the standards already adopted by 30 other states) won’t just protect our air, water and climate — it will create at least 74,000 clean energy jobs. These jobs are manufacturing and engineering jobs that can’t be sent out-of-state, and that’s really what’s most important for me. Michigan also spent 1.7 billion dollars last year importing coal and oil; money which could have been kept in Michigan by shifting to solar and wind power right here in our state.

I support Proposal 3 not just for the jobs it will create, but for the money it will prevent from leaving Michigan, for the health of our people and economy and for the quality of our air and water.

If you value these things as much as I do, then vote yes on Proposal 3.

Evan Granito
LSA senior

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