Getting to know a candidate on a personal level is something not many students have the opportunity to experience.

I was fortunate enough to intern for Clark Durant and get to know him both as an individual and as a politician. It’s imperative that we take initiative and vote in the primaries tomorrow, especially when the state of Michigan and our entire nation is at stake.

Clark Durant is the type of politician this country needs: strong-willed, passionate about politics and experienced. His leadership and dedication to the Cornerstone Schools in Detroit illuminates his passion for educational freedom. Clark helped to build a program that sends hundreds of young students to outstanding universities each year, and helps build the foundation of future engineers and doctors. He not only proved it was possible for these inner-city kids to flourish in today’s society, but also showed how crucial free markets are to a prosperous economy.

As students at a prestigious college, we hold our University to the highest expectations. It’s about time we do the same with politicians. Michigan needs to send a new senator to D.C., one who understands the importance of a free market, the strength of our constitution and the hardworking spirit of the American people. Let’s kick out corrupt Washington insiders and elect strong-willed leaders like Clark Durant to take their place. The primaries are quickly approaching and it’s time college students have a say in them. Clark Durant is the Michigan Republican party’s only hope for defeating the incumbent Debbie Stabenow, and the key to taking back Washington this fall.

Elizabeth Watchowski
LSA Junior

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