“Explosion at the Boston Marathon” — my stomach churns as I take in the headlines. The footage of the explosion sends shivers down my spine. I can’t help, but feel a mixture of sheer disgust, sadness, confusion and helplessness. My heart becomes filled with sympathy for the victims and their families. Again and again the same three words keep running through my mind: “Who does this?”

Having been a competitive runner for almost half my life, I know the impact of Monday’s incident will be felt especially throughout the running community. With the Boston Marathon being the premier marathon in the world, thousands of the world’s most devout runners flock to the streets of Boston each year to compete. But the Boston Marathon is so much more than a 26.2 mile long race: it’s a beaming pillar of self-actualization, perseverance and camaraderie.

What shocked me the most about the explosions in Boston was the seemingly unknown connection between pure sport and utter destruction. Runners are known to not only be some of the most disciplined individuals, but also some of the most friendly. There’s a unique bond created between individuals that enjoy torturing themselves for long periods of time running. It’s hard to explain without having experienced it first hand, but ultimately it comes down to this — within the running community there’s a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among individuals. It’s a beautiful a thing, and to see it perverted by such destruction hit me like a sledgehammer.

At this point, we’re all still in shock awaiting more information, but I’m curious to see how we as a running community will respond. Knowing the determination, endurance, and sportsmanship we have cultivated as a community, I imagine we’ll finish strong.

Kevin Allport
LSA freshman

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