I wanted to thank Proma Khosla for the fun Boy Meets World piece ( From the vault: The teen love and bromance of ‘Boy Meets World,’ 9/28/2011).

I received my M.A. degree in telecommunication arts from the University in the mid-80s. A few years later, I found myself writing for “Boy Meets World.” All told, I wrote about 20 episodes and served as one of the show’s producers.

Every word in your piece was wonderful and true. Even your subtle criticisms were accurate. Believe me, no one laughed harder at the show’s inconsistencies than us. And the comedic moments you mentioned were Writers’ Room favorites, too.

We are proud of the show — it had a good heart. I spoke to the other writers, including Michael Jacobs, the creator and executive producer. Here are Michael’s words:

“I am grateful for Proma’s appreciation of what we tried to do, which was mostly to offer indelible moments about important values, and what separated us is that the dialogue was on a level that spoke up to our audience and never pandered. The audience had to think sometimes, and that was the best thing we did for them.”

Thank you, thank you.

Matthew Nelson
University alum

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