I am responding to Hamdan Azhar’s viewpoint discussing the situation in Israel and Palestine (A Palestinian-Israeli approach, 2/2/11.) As a member of WolvPAC, I would like to clarify some issues that arose in this article. First and foremost, I want to stress the fact that many universities around the United States have a study abroad program to Israel that has been both beneficial and, more importantly, a safe trip.

A trip to Israel could provide University students with a culturally enriching and historical experience that many other countries simply could not offer. Azhar noted that there have been safety concerns with students traveling to Israel, but I believe there are always safety threats when an individual travels outside the U.S. Multiple organizations — for example, Birthright — take students to Israel and have never experienced any major problems. On another note, I agree that a joint Palestinian-Israeli study abroad program could be successful, but the focus for WolvPAC is just to create a study abroad program to Israel.

Matthew Steinway
LSA freshman

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