A human being is a person regardless of how small he or she is or how he or she is conceived. We are deeply concerned by the blatant disregard for the rights of the unborn in the recent Michigan Daily editorial about abortion (Insuring the choice, 02/03/2011). Embryology asserts that human life begins at conception. Furthermore, the University prides itself in its campaign to “Expect Respect” from all in spite of one’s physical appearance, level of development, environment or degree of dependency. Just as we consider a newborn infant as precious as any adult, so too must we also recognize that those in the womb deserve the same fundamental human rights that we possess.

According to a 2009 CNN poll, more than 60 percent of Americans don’t support the funding of abortion through taxes. The Daily argues that a woman should have the right to choose what she does with her body. Shouldn’t the majority of Americans who find taxpayer-funded abortions repugnant have the right to choose not to be involved?

Claire Levis is an LSA sophomore, Benjamin Meyers is an LSA junior, Carmen Allen is an LSA sophomore and Michael Haines is a Rackham student. This was written on behalf of Students for Life.

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