In response to Megan Madison’s recent letter to the editor encouraging students and the Daily to take more seriously student government elections (Daily should play part in informing student voters, 11/25/2008), as a senior, here are the things about our student government that I can remember over the past three and a half years:

First, a Michigan Student Assembly representative, who was a member of Students 4 Michigan and then the Michigan Action Party, stepped down from office after pleading guilty to two felony charges. Later, an MSA president, who was also a member of MAP, was ousted from office for mocking another student’s disability. Then, LSA Student Government representatives made front-page news in the Daily after proposing changes to intramural sports scoring rules. And finally, the MSA president signed off on giving registration priority to student-athletes over the rest of the student body.

I understand that MSA and LSA-SG are two separate entities, but honestly, I couldn’t care less. Most of the student body, including myself, lumps these two groups together into what we view as one large student government unit.

If Madison would like the Daily to provide some election coverage, perhaps the student government should actually do something newsworthy besides breaking the law, mocking another student’s disability, focusing on irrelevant issues and deciding that the needs of one group are more important than those of the rest of the student body. Madison is right in saying that “student governments can’t get anything done without student support behind them.” But the fact is that our student government — or should I say, Madison’s very own Michigan Action Party — has left us very little to support or be proud of.

Alexander Whang
LSA senior

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