In regard to the article on snow travel for disabled students (Snowstorms make campus travel difficult for disabled, 2/4/2011), I’m a freshman with a disability, and I have tried various avenues to expedite the cleaning of street corners and crosswalks. The sidewalks were well cleaned, but when I got to the crosswalks I couldn’t cross.

So, I began contacting people. First, I contacted my hall director, and she alerted the snow plow company, and they told me they would get right on it. Then by late Thursday morning nothing had been done, so I contacted disability services and spoke with the director, Dan Measel, and he gave me the snow plow number to call, but he didn’t dial them himself. I asked myself why he was asking me to dial when he is the director of disability services. I preceded to call the snow plow company myself, and they told me they would get on it as soon as possible.

On Friday, many street corners and crosswalks were still a barrier of hardened snow or a pool of slush that was impossible to get through. I even got stuck twice for a few minutes each time, but luckily a couple of nice pedestrians helped me. It isn’t easy when my wheelchair alone weighs approximately 500 pounds. This poses a dangerous situation, should my chair tip over, and with low temperatures I could have been frostbitten. After all, if classes are going to be in session during a blizzard when half the state is shut down, at least have the crosswalks clean.

Rohit Kapur
LSA freshman

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