Without even trying to seek out news on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, it came to me in at least five different ways on Thursday. I got e-mails from friends and student groups about it, received notifications and messages through MySpace and Facebook, saw some stickers around my house and heard coverage of it on Free Speech Radio News.

I often forget to check my e-mail, when I have to work or even what day it is, but Thursday my community would not let me forget that it was Transgender Day of Remembrance. It wouldn’t let me forget all of the things that people, bloggers, newscasts, demonstrators and publications were doing around the world to raise awareness about anti-transgender violence and discrimination.

There is a possibility that the staff at The Michigan Daily forgot about it again this year, but that makes me worry if the Daily has lost touch with what is important to its community. Transgender Day of Remembrance is clearly something that the University and its community care about, and the Daily should care as well.

Meghan Rotary
RC senior

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