To the Daily:

The two of us can’t wait for Tuesday. Why, one might ask? Is there a two-hour special of “American Idol”? What is so significant about Tuesday, Mar. 23?

Students have long been asking for Saturday night dining. Thankfully, MSA is already working on this issue. We have made great strides to set up a meeting about Saturday Night Dining with Director of University Housing Linda Newman and Residential Dining Services Director Mike Lee this Tuesday, Mar. 23.

Over the course of the winter semester, we have been working long and hard as MSA representatives to draft a formal proposal advocating for the implementation of Saturday night dining. The proposal includes favorable results from a survey conducted by Elias Samuels of the Housing Research Office last winter, resolutions passed in support of Saturday night dining by the Michigan Student Assembly and the Residence Hall Association and detailed research on Saturday night dining offerings at comparable universities (Michigan State University and Ohio State University have Saturday night dining and the University of Michigan does not).

With all the work we have put in, it’s obvious why we are disappointed that with an article in the Daily last week that failed to reference our ongoing efforts (MForward looks to revive push for Sat. night dining , 03/18/2010). It’s great that MForward provided a free meal to students in the residence halls on a single Saturday night. However, our work will have a much more substantial and long-term impact.

While MForward hasn’t even left the start line on the issue of Saturday night dining, the two of us are rounding the bend and sprinting towards the finish line. Rather than discounting our work and starting from scratch, we invite MForward and anyone else interested to support our efforts for Saturday night dining to the meeting on Tuesday.

Nathan Hamilton and Shreya Singh
LSA representatives to MSA

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