To the Editor:

As a former Daily sports editor, I am surprised and disappointed to see that Michael Rosenberg is writing the foreword to The Daily’s book “Michigan Football, from the pages of The Michigan Daily.” Rosenberg proved himself to be a biased reporter in the way he covered Michigan Football from 2008 to 2010. “Three and Out,” a best-selling book authored by University lecturer John U. Bacon, details Rosenberg’s biases toward the program. These biases ultimately caused a scandal regarding the team stretching too much (in the book, when he is asked about this, he starts crying).

Rosenberg is, quite literally, the last person that should be writing this. Someone less controversial and more deserving of this honor, like former Daily editor Mike Wallace or maybe a star player like Charles Woodson, should have written the foreword. Dhani Jones, a former Daily staffer and star on a national title team, also would have been perfect for a project like this.

Raphael Goodstein
2002 University alum

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