It is clear from this year’s absolutely horrible performance by Michigan’s football team that football coach Rich Rodriguez is not as wonderful a coach as many thought. Many of us were willing to give him a chance, but were also skeptical that his offense would produce in the beefy Big Ten. We skeptics were right.

Rodriguez has given us a team that took the field utterly unprepared in every phase of the game. From special teams to defense, the Wolverines couldn’t execute. The play was sloppy, weak and predictable. Perhaps it would help if our playbook weren’t largely limited to three running plays and three passing plays. It would also help if we had a power running game to throw into the mix on more than third-down-and-one situations. It would further help if Mike Barwis’s so-called strength and conditioning program actually produced strong and conditioned players.

I wish Rodriguez well, because if he can’t produce at least eight wins next year, we are in deep trouble. The Big Ten has been weak in recent years, so Michigan should be able to capitalize and grow in the conference. Three wins is a disgrace. My heart goes out to the players, who fought as hard as they could in a system that prevents success. Good luck, Rich. you’re going to need it or you’re going to be canned — and with good reason.

Paul Wright

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