How many letters a day is the Daily getting about our football team? I would like to think the number has risen to 107,501.

At the onset of the season, I was worried. I passed up a chance at season tickets because I couldn’t sit through the season I feared was upon us. Little did I know the carnage would be as severe as it turned out to be. I didn’t watch the Ohio State game Saturday. It would have hurt too much to watch.

My fear is not in sounding like a fair-weather fan or one that coach Rich Rodriguez would like to tell to “get a life”; rather, my fear is that somehow in the past year the University has decided that Michigan football traditions don’t really matter. The Athletic Department ordered up a new Big House, made new uniforms, hired a new coach without Michigan ties and, as if all that wasn’t enough, put in a new system of offense. I am not opposed to change completely. But I think that to implement the changes correctly you have to not only be aware of history and tradition, but also be willing to build upon them.

Rodriguez has yet to earn my vote of confidence. I’m hopeful he proves me wrong soon. Because if the next milestone to fall is our record of consecutive sold out home games, I’m certain that he will feel a maize-and-blue wave of people who want to remove him.

There are things you simply don’t mess with. Our football team is one of them.

Josie Ann Lee

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