This letter is in regards to the recent news story about University student Abdul El-Sayed winning a Rhodes Scholarship (First ‘U’ student since 2004 wins Rhodes Scholarship, 11/24/2008). The article spoke very kindly about a good friend of mine. However, the Daily incorrectly referred to Sarah Jukaku as Abdul’s “girlfriend” prior to their marriage. To many non-Muslims, this point may seem insignificant. However, such a mislabel is very much looked down upon among Muslims.

In Islam, having premarital relationships of any kind is a no-no, a taboo and a big shame. Thus, words like “girlfriend” and “dating” are associated with promiscuity. As a matter of fact, two years ago, the Daily ran an article specifically about Muslim undergraduates who are married (Married … with classes, 10/17/2006). In it, Abdul and Sarah were the ones the Daily interviewed and were the ones who clarified this point! If you would like to learn more about how Muslims marry without dating, I recommend reading that article as a starting point.

I request that the Daily apologize for this unintentionally haphazard comment and print a correction.

Yaseen Elkasabi
Engineering graduate student

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