To the Daily:

In reference to the Michigan Student Assembly website scandal (Site not found, 03/15/2010), it seems only proper to reveal, in the interests of full disclosure, the identities of the web developers who billed the student body nearly $9,000 for their ultimately unsuccessful attempts to build an MSA website from April to December 2009. Architecture graduate student Andrew McIntyre billed for about 45 hours and was paid about $544. Alum Jayesh Patel billed for 412 hours and was paid $5,768, while Engineering senior Randy Yao billed for about 210 hours and was paid $2,933, according to an e-mail to MSA representatives from President Abhishek Mahanti.

Needless to say, structural flaws in the MSA bureaucracy permitted such a travesty to go unnoticed for so long. Exact details about the nature of the involvement of Mahanti and MSA coordinator Anika Williams have yet to come to the fore. Now that news of the scandal has emerged, however, perhaps a public shame campaign to force the web developers to return their pay (in part or in full) to the student body might be in order. The primary objective (the creation of a functioning website) was not accomplished by these designers and the payments were made behind the scenes and beyond the reach of the assembly’s oversight. These seem to provide sufficient grounds for so severe an action.

Hamdan Yousuf
MSA Rackham representative

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