Dear fans of the greatest rivalry in football, I am writing to you on behalf of Ohio State’s Sportsmanship Council in preparation for the greatest football game of the year, the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. The Ohio State Sportsmanship Council is a student organization dedicated to promoting a positive game day atmosphere for everyone in attendance at games, both home and visiting fans, coaches and players. As we approach what is almost always the biggest game for both of our schools, I encourage everyone to remember the meaning of the Ohio State vs. Michigan game.

Since the day I received my acceptance letter, I had been looking forward to Ohio State’s game against Michigan. This is more than a game. This is a time to celebrate tradition and excellence at both of our schools. Because both schools place such emphasis on the game, it is easy to get carried away and act in ways that don’t represent both great universities. All it takes is one act of bad sportsmanship or disrespect to ruin a fan’s experience at the game.

So this Saturday, as you make your way into the Horseshoe, your favorite restaurant, or your living room, remember that we are rivals, not enemies. We hope that you feel welcomed in Columbus and come away with a positive experience. In order to create this positive environment for both teams, respect the rivalry and show the nation the class, tradition and excellence associated with both University of Michigan and Ohio State University. And make this year’s game the best yet.

Samantha Bloom
The letter writer is a sophomore at Ohio State. She is a member of the Ohio State University Sportsmanship Council.

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