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On behalf of the Washtenaw-Lenawee County Chapter of the Red Cross, the American Red Cross Club at the University of Michigan would like to extend our commitment to the relief efforts of the Chapter. While the majority of the damage of the recent tornado was in Dexter, a town west of campus, there was flooding and damage in the Ann Arbor area, even on campus. We encourage anyone affected by these storms to contact us for help and support so we can work together to help you re-establish your daily routine. There were four University graduate students who stepped up to offered their help to the Chapter, and their support is very much appreciated.

The flooding on campus ruined the home of two University graduate students here. These students are engaged to be married this July, and lost everything. In addition, many University students were residents of the homes destroyed in Dexter. If anyone was affected by the flooding or storms, please do contact us for help and we will connect you with the Chapter. You can also reach the Chapter via phone (734-971-5300) or look through our website for more details:

I personally was able to see the damage and devastation that these tornadoes caused to so many homes in Dexter. The number of displaced people and the amount of debris and fallen trees was simply shocking. The most miraculous thing about this storm was that not a single life was lost and not a single person was injured. To know that a tornado could wreak such havoc so close to home should be a reminder for all to know how to be prepared for when disaster strikes, because it truly can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The Red Cross offers preparedness education for clubs, organizations and the Greek, and would be great increase readiness for situations like these.

We are happy and committed to helping everyone bounce back from this disaster. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, concerns and/or fundraising ideas you may have.

Aparna Ghosh
LSA senior and vice president of the Red Cross Club

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