Though I often disagree with the Daily’s movie reviews, yesterday’s critique of Valkyrie by Noah Dean Stahl (‘Valkyrie’ a noble plot that ends in failure, 01/12/2009) was an all-time low. It appeared, in fact, as if Stahl didn’t even see the film before reviewing it. In the article, Stahl asks why the movie barely mentions the Holocaust. The movie, however, was not about the Holocaust at all. The movie’s backdrop is World War II.

Aside from Tom Cruise’s overacting, the movie fared pretty well in its historical accuracy –– a fact Stahl overlooked. Hitler’s detractors at the time did not oppose Hitler’s regime because of the atrocities committed at Dachau and other places, but because Hitler started a war he was unable to finish. The opposition’s rebellion was not out of compassion but was an attempt to salvage Germany’s pride. If this fact seems in some way “irresponsible” to Stahl, he can blame the detractors the movie’s characters were based on, not the writers.

Many critics disliked the movie. But perhaps actually watching the film and a quick Wikipedia search would have served Stahl better.

Rebecca Halpern
LSA Senior

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