Even as a recipient of the Michigan Promise Scholarship, I have yet to hear a truly compelling argument for its reinstatement, including the Daily’s editorial on Monday (No more broken promises, 11/23/2009).

Yes, I value higher education funding, and yes, I understand the additional financial hardship that the scholarship’s cancellation may put on the backs of some Michigan families. The Michigan Promise Scholarship, however, was flawed from its introduction. The scholarship rewards students on a sliding scale based on their achievement as measured by the state-run Michigan Merit Examination. But the high school students who often need the most financial assistance are those who reside in school districts that fare the worst on these examinations.

I think that this situation calls for Michigan lawmakers to take a close look at their policies on education. Sure, roll back the earned income tax credit, but put the money to better use for students in greater need.

I most likely will not receive my $2,000 scholarship this year and I’ll miss it dearly. But I will just have to take the hit. But I know, nonetheless, that I’ll soon be one of the proud Michiganders who can put their higher education to use for the greater good of this state.

Eric Maier
School of Music junior

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