On Sept. 13 & 14 in The Michigan Daily, there were attacks on the Republican Party for being pro-life. It was claimed that since Republicans support small government, we should keep the government out of the emergency contraception. Yet, being pro-life isn’t being inconsistent at all. We support small government. We do not support no government. Even the simplest of governments should make certain that people do not kill each other.

Republicans have also consistently opposed forcing people to pay for abortions with their tax dollars (not a choice), have opposed mandating that hospitals give out abortion pills (also not a choice) and have opposed requirements that doctors perform abortions (again, not a choice). Strangely, the same organizations that claim to be pro-choice have routinely supported all of these things.

It was also remarked that by being pro-life, Republicans oppose freedom. Yet, the right to live is the most basic and most important of freedoms. Children killed in the womb will never be able to enjoy freedom from slavery, freedom to receive an education, freedom to vote, freedom to raise a family, freedom to have a career, freedom to run for political office or the freedom to do anything. Thus, abortion tears down all the freedoms our society has fought so hard to achieve. Pro-life is pro-freedom.

Michael Puskar is an LSA sophomore.

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