Though on the surface it will appear to be an issue of political divide, I ask that you take my critique of Tuesday’s story (Lawmakers propose plan to provide tuition relief for Michigan residents, 03/31/2009) as a neutral concern over news priorities. The article in question touts tuition relief as the important part of the story and barely mentions the tax increase. The rate hike would be the largest set increase (not tied to some third variable) in the state’s history. This is not some passing matter. Rather, the representatives’ attempt to pass such an unprecedented tax increase in this economic climate should have been the lead here. If your news team did not consider that possibility seriously — or the severity of it — then the claim to lower tuition should have received the same derision.

I know many students from out of state care only about lower tuition rates — Michigan residents be damned — but this is a newsworthy legislative action for reasons other than your focus. Even without the personal concern, the remarkable nature of the plan deserves a public debate.

Gideon D’Assandro

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