I want to thank the Daily for calling attention to our efforts in the Newnan LSA Advising Center to respond to students’ desire for greater access to the information necessary for successful academic planning. We are very pleased with the student response to our efforts: there have been more hits to our websites, much greater attendance this term at group advising and topical programs and workshops and increased use of our expanded peer advising services (including the pre-health and pre-law resource office). We will continue to develop, expand and refine our online resources and we agree with the Daily’s point about the need for the development of online resources across campus and the need to publicize those resources.

Frankly, the Daily’s article and editorial was the best publicity we could have hoped for. It cut through the thicket of electronic resources we do use to publicize our web pages and educational programs: mass e-mails from advisors to students, targeted e-mails to subgroups of students, the Friday e-mailing of Advise Me Weekly and the information itself on our website.

As I mentioned in the original article for which I was interviewed, we face a conundrum in relying on electronic means to advertise our on-line resources. How do we prevent students being inundated by e-mails, texts and Facebook updates from deleting before reading the particular e-mails (and Advise Me Weekly) that publicize the information they wish they had?

Timothy Dodd
Director of the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center

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