In regards to a recent Daily editorial about the Good Samaritan Policy, it is pertinent to mention that some information relating to MSA has changed (Making the right call, 09/21/2009).

I would like to clarify what has been happening within MSA to make sure that interested students have the latest information. MSA’s Student Rights Commission originally sought out the staff at the Office of Student Conflict Resolutions to implement a Good Samaritan Policy in the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities. After meeting with various staff at University Health Service, OSCR and Department of Public Safety, we’ve realized that the issue is much more complicated than simply writing an amendment.

Changes in the SSRR affect only students and have no governing power over DPS’s ability to issue MIPs. Changing MIP laws is a legal issue that falls under state law rather than University policies. DPS officers are bound to Michigan law, which states that if an officer encounters an intoxicated minor, the officer must issue an MIP or else the officer will face consequences. With this information, we are taking two routes.

The SSRR’s Student Rights Commission is writing an amendment to incorporate information about adaptive conflict resolutions, including one that OSCR has called “Alternative Conflict Resolution for Alcohol and/or other Drugs” (ACR-for-AOD). We would like to bring attention to this program because many students are unaware that if they are issued an MIP, they can clear their disciplinary record with the University by completing an educational ACR-for-AOD program with OSCR. A clear disciplinary record can be advantageous when applying to graduate schools and jobs. This program, however, doesn’t expunge an MIP. The Student Rights Commission and other interested students are arranging meetings with people to get as much information as possible before we move forward to lobby the state legislature. We encourage any interested students to get involved by emailing

Vickie Hwang
LSA senior

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