Jason Pang Jao’s article comparing Wall Street bankers to Nazis was as despicable and offensive as it was incoherent. Whatever criticisms one has of our financial services sector, appropriating the imagery of World War II and the Holocaust to make that point is deeply insensitive. Moreover, the only comparison the author was able to draw was that both bankers and Nazis received money to do immoral things; considering how many other groups fit this description, it’s obvious that Mr. Jao chose the Nazis simply to shock readers and grab attention for his column. This tactic of invoking the Nazis to attack one’s enemies is ugly when its done in Washington, D.C., and it’s just as ugly on the pages of the Daily.

His article should never have been published. Now that it has been, both Mr. Jao and the Daily owe the student body an apology.

Michael Ambler
Public Policy junior

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