As a senior, I have had plenty of experience dealing with both Department of Public Safety and the Ann Arbor Police Department. I must admit, they both have relatively exceptional crews and I have little to complain about individual officers. What I will complain about, however, are the unnecessary exploitations that the AAPD subjects students to — mandatory MIP’s for “Good Samaritans”, trash tickets and noise violations (Students, faculty promise cooperation to solve campus problems, 09/15/2009).

As students we have all probably been in situations when we were faced with an ultimatum: slap our unconscious, vomit-choked friend awake and off of Markley’s community bathroom floor or calling DPS and suffering the consequences of saving a friend’s life. It’s a terribly scary situation for an 18-year old kid. I think the “Good Samaritan” clause should be passed unanimously in order to keep that 18-year-old, scared-shitless kid from making a life-or-death decision.

Then there are trash tickets. I have been a victim of the ridiculous $530 fine for my first trash offense. This, however, had been my house’s third offense due to the tenants before me. Rather than ticket students, the AAPD tickets the residence, or landlord. The AAPD needs to figure out a system where the tenants are ticketed, not the landlord or the residence. That will put an end to the triple trash ticket.

A noise violation in Ann Arbor is a misdemeanor. Playing your music too loud after 10 p.m. lands you in the same courtroom as those who have committed crimes like theft, prostitution, minor assault, disorderly conduct, trespassing, vandalism, drug possession and MIP/DUI offenses to name a few. I have been exploited by the AAPD because of bogus legislature that’s in place to reduce officers’ workloads. Don’t expect a preliminary warning either, unless you are a known campus character or athlete. If you don’t want a misdemeanor clinging to your background check for the rest of your life, you better end the party at 10 p.m.

I’m glad that the Michigan Student Assembly and faculty are pairing up to knock out some of these injustices. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in the 15th Judicial District Court to face humiliation because you got a little loud at a party, missed a few cups in your yard or called DPS to save your friend’s life.

Matthew Ashley
LSA senior

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