To the Daily:

The Michigan Student Assembly supports the passage of the Federal DREAM Act and the California DREAM Act. The Federal DREAM Act would provide hundreds of thousands of undocumented U.S. residents a pathway to citizenship and access to financial aid through two years of college or two years of military service. The California DREAM Act would allow undocumented students in California to receive state and university financial aid and, if passed, would make it easier for other states to pass similar legislation. These two bills would make what is now the formal legal right to a public education a reality for tens of thousands of undocumented students who are now unable to pay for college.

It isn’t viable for a democratic society to deny so many talented young people access to higher education. For our society to thrive, we must have an educated population, in which all its members have the right to participate in the political process. The pathway to citizenship provided in the federal DREAM Act would give undocumented students who are now in college the opportunity to become teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers or whatever they choose to be upon graduation. It would also provide undocumented youth serving in the military with much needed rights and benefits. As representatives of our student body, we proudly uphold the principles of diversity, democracy and universal public education. We support the passage of these two bills that could make the American Dream a reality for undocumented students across California and the nation.

This letter was written by Kate Stenvig and Deandre Watson on behalf of the Michigan Student Assembly.

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