Independent candidates are joining forces to bring a fresh perspective and attitude to the Michigan Student Assembly. We believe that first and foremost, MSA needs to be revamped. MSA’s reputation and purpose have hit a low in the opinion of the average student. The first actions we will take as representatives include working to rebuild MSA and questioning what is working and what is not. We want MSA to feel like like more of an arm of Michigan students instead of a mouth, as evidenced by MSA’s recent oligarchic actions.

As independents, we aim to work on smaller-level niche projects like reducing the expense of living on campus. This means that food at cafés and retail dining should be cheaper. We also think that meal credits should be rolled over from year to year. Other issues, such as the drop in diversity rates at Michigan, need to be addressed. MSA should start initiatives and engage in conversation on how to increase minority enrollment at the University. One potential idea for this would be to have MSA mentors who regularly visit elementary and high schools with low-income and minority populations from eighth grade on and encourage students to apply to the University.

Regardless of what position students may hold, it is imperative that MSA move away from the one-party system and begin to deliver on Michigan students’ unmet expectations.

Rikav Chauhan, Nathan Hamilton, Allison Reid and Qianli Song
Independent candidates for MSA

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