I wanted to respond with my thoughts about the piped-in Michigan Stadium music and Andy Reid’s column (My pipe(d) dream: a better Michigan Stadium mixtape, 09/14/2009).

I wasn’t excited when I heard that there was going to be piped-in music at the stadium, but I have to say, it’s quickly growing on me. There are three tweaks to the idea, though, that need to be made to make it better. And being a DJ, I feel like I can lend some expertise.

First, I have to disagree with Reid’s view of slow ballads. This is football, not the senior prom. I want music that’s going to keep the entire 110,000 fans pumped up for the next play. Michigan Stadium has a reputation for being one of the quietest stadiums, and music that causes some to fall asleep won’t help.

Second, there is no reason to play songs that are already overused by other schools. I agree that the student section sounded great when chanting the baseline to “Seven Nation Army,” but I know that’s a Penn State song. So that song should be cut, along with “Jump Around” and “Zombie Nation.” We’re Michigan and we don’t copy others.

And cut the crappy intros that some songs have. Cut the piano intro to “Lose Yourself” (which, when played on Saturday, didn’t allow us to get to the actual song and lyrics). Also, cut the intro to “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Those are my opinions, but I’m pleased with the effort. I am now on board with playing the piped in music. Still, nothing beats the Michigan Marching Band. Go Blue!

Matt Darby
Alum and staff member

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