It’s hard, though not impossible, to increase voter turnout, get things done that matter to the student body and be transparent about our governance without the Daily’s coverage, be it critical or supportive. That’s why it is unfortunate that LSA Student Government’s election was completely ignored by the Daily.

Student governments can’t get anything done without student support behind them. We won’t get that if students don’t care. Students can’t care unless they know what’s going on. And they can’t tell us what’s important to them if they don’t know what LSA-SG is.

In my ideal world, students would know about the elections before the polls open. They would know their representatives and how to contact them. They would be able to read about the efforts of their student governments in their student newspaper. They would be informed enough to make critical observations regarding the relevancy and efficacy of their elected representatives and vote accordingly. I can’t do it alone. Student governments can’t do it alone. The Michigan Action Party can’t do it alone.

No student is at fault for that person’s misinformation and frustration with regard to student politics. We on student government share that burden with the Daily. So let’s step up — together.

Megan Madison
LSA senior
The letter writer is LSA-SG’s academic relations officer and a member of the Michigan Action Party.

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