This morning, I noticed, with a sort of revolted surprise, two figures standing atop the front page of The Michigan Daily. In one corner, a standard outline of what generally represents a person, and in the other corner, a similar figure that appears to be wearing a dress.

These are your typical, governmentally-regulated symbols for male and female, most commonly denoting which bathroom is for which gender. My disgust, however, came from the fact that these images were representing Valentine’s Day — the day love is celebrated by the public. According to this image, apparently, love only exists between girls, who wear dresses and like pink, and boys, who do not wear dresses and like blue.

In what kind of time is the Daily existing if they think that these stereotypes actually hold true? In an attempt to avoid a passive-aggressive conclusion, I suggest simply this: please be more conscientious of things like this — for the sake of equality, justice and respect for your audience.

Sarah Alexander
LSA sophomore

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