Last semester, The Michigan Daily released a five-page story highlighting Michigan Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong and his attempts to overcome the hurtful and inappropriate actions of former Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell (The next chapter: MSA president Chris Armstrong works to re-define his presidency after Andrew Shirvell, 12/06/2010).

The article mentioned how Armstrong and his executive board plan to put the issue behind them and start addressing the many important concerns that this administration proclaimed they would tackle in the Winter 2010 elections. This goal will be extremely hard for the Michigan Student Assembly to attain if the Daily continues to publish stories about Andrew Shirvell and recent developments on his crazy antics.

Armstrong admitted that he experienced setbacks when the Shirvell incident was at its climax: “I felt to a certain extent I was letting things get to me and had trouble refocusing,” Armstrong said. If more attention is given to this incident, more fuel will be added to the fire and MSA will once again be consumed by this atrocious controversy.

So I ask of you, The Michigan Daily, please let MSA conduct their business and stop bringing attention to something that we all want to put past us. Let Chris Armstrong be the amazing leader that he can be, and allow him to implement positive change on this campus.

Steven Benson
LSA-SG President

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