To the Editor:

I just read about a hunger strike in support of a Palestinian that was arrested and has not yet been prosecuted. There is something hypocritical about today’s students. How many meals did they forfeit in protest of a very young Israeli soldier kidnapped into Gaza, held incommunicado for five years and finally released in exchange for over 1,000 tried and convicted prisoners out of Israeli jails? How hungry were they when Palestinians blew themselves up with nuts and bolts dipped in poison around their waist and murdered over 1,000 Israelis? The problem in the Middle East has lasted for over 64 years and will go on for another 64 years unless the Arab nations recognize that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and was established so that the Jewish people could defend themselves against all enemies, as Iran will soon learn. Please announce in public that Israel is a Jewish nation that shall live forever in peace and within recognized geopolitical boundaries with Jerusalem as its capital city, and all else will rapidly fall into place.

Stuart M. Sheiman
1964 Alum

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