I’m a senior in the College of Engineering who will be graduating on April 30. I fully support the decision to invite Republican Gov. Rick Snyder to speak at Spring Commencement. The University traditionally invites the new governor to speak at commencement, and failing to follow through with this tradition would bring politics into an event that is meant to honor graduates who have worked hard throughout their careers here at the University. There is no doubt that the governor has some hard decisions to make regarding the budget which will not be acceptable to the entire constituency, but I’m pleased to see that he is taking steps to revive our state’s economy.

Aside from being the governor of the state, Snyder is also a distinguished alumni of the school, who exemplifies many of the traits that I admire in the alumni of this University. If he had been invited before his campaign and election as governor, I believe the student body would be honored to have the former president of Gateway and local venture capital fund founder as the speaker. I’m looking forward to Snyder’s perspective on how young Michigan graduates can make an impact both on the state of Michigan and the nation as a whole.

Anne Winter is an Engineering senior.

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