To the Daily:

In his column, Ben Caleca offered some thoughtful ideas (Going green, the slow way, 10/13/2009). He understated, however, the investment in locally grown foods by University Housing. Offering more than an occasional sustainable meal, Residential Dining Services has been expanding its efforts to regularly include local produce and food products — first in East Quad and now in nearly all dining hall menus.

Despite the challenge of Michigan’s growing season — shorter than the local season for UNC Chapel Hill, which Caleca held out as an example — local produce and products account for nearly 20 percent of the RDS food budget. We hope to increase our selection of local foods as we develop additional contracts with local farmers and producers.

We think it is supportive of Caleca’s perspective to mention that University Housing has been seriously engaged in promoting recycling and sustainable activities in the residence halls and Northwood Community for many, many years. With the support of the students, we can, and shall, continue to do more. Please see for more information.

Peter Logan
University Housing Communications Director

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