In his column, Mr. Koslowski states that President Obama may be stalling a change in the Afghanistan war strategy to prevent derailment of domestic plans (The forgotten fight, 09/24/09). He argues that American lives may be lost and our country will appear weak for this. But a Harvard study estimated that 45,000 Americans die each year as a result of being uninsured. How many Americans did Al-Qaeda kill last year?

Our health care policies kill more Americans and make the country seem weaker than any terrorist organization could dream of. The number of American civilians dying from cancer is the equivalent of 9-11 occurring every two days. I believe that Mr Koslowski, despite his “if __, the terrorists will have won” rhetoric, holds a true desire to save American lives and have a country deserving of pride. For this end, strong health care reform, a public option and government-funded research can accomplish a thousand-fold what any military operation could.

Domenic Terenzi
LSA senior

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