Dear Mr. President:

The night following your Friday visit to campus, thousands of dollars in potential campaign contributions were spent on cheap beer and the momentary escape from a tired future in a broken world. For us students, it’s a weekly exercise in avoiding the confrontation of problems we no longer believe we can solve. Our dreams have been tempered by cynicism, and our fears have been enflamed by anger and hatred. We have lowered our sights and raised our guard. We still believe in change, but the more things change, the more they seem the same.

In your office resides the power to reverse millennia of human suffering. The greatest statesmen have wanted nothing more and demanded nothing less. They have refused “the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.” For them, there was no such thing as a political necessity. There were only necessary politics.

And so, late Friday night and early Saturday morning we toasted to four more years. We do wish you four more years. For the American undergraduate, college is our own four-year term. It’s a term of learning and growth. It’s a time of little responsibility and great exploration. It is, above all else, four more years before we too must enter a world yet to be repaired.

Daniel Richard Kliger
Engineering freshman

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