To The Daily:

Chris Koslowski has got it right (First come, first seated, 08/09/2009). At last year’s game against Michigan State, I had to explain to a pair of Spartans why, despite the magnitude of the game, the student section was not already a quarter full an hour before kickoff. First come, first served seating would reward those who want to show up early and allow the more casual fans to still file in and find a seat (and honestly, if Michigan is playing, there is no bad seat in the Big House).

I proudly arrive at the Big House two hours before kickoff each Saturday and, along with Koslowski, believe the atmosphere in the Big House would experience a much needed boost from first come, first served seating. While I understand some feel seniority is more important, it’s key to note that a higher class status doesn’t mean you care more about the game than other students. That way, the fans who want to come early have the opportunity to sit with students like them, rather than spending much of the second quarter making sure the drunk girl in front of them doesn’t fall and hit her head. Rewarding students who get to the stadium early would hopefully cultivate a more dedicated, passionate and loud atmosphere throughout the student section, something even the brand new skyboxes can only hope to aspire to.

Adam Mael
LSA junior

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