Upon picking up Tuesday’s copy of the Daily, I was disappointed to see yet another half-thought-out film criticism by Blake Goble (Playing for keeps, 03/24/2009). What irritated me was not so much the list of films but rather his arrogance and disrespect for his readers. In the article, he names the best sports films ever made. He bases these claims on four rules which are seemingly picked at random: “No Kevin Costner films. No Boxing films…” He offers no reason for dismissing sports classics like “Field of Dreams”, “Million Dollar Baby” or “Raging Bull.” Was he merely trying to be a contrarian? Not only is his list illogical, but he flaunts his unrivaled arrogance: “Don’t like the rules? Tough. I don’t have to justify them.”

Apparently, the Daily’s film criticism has shrunken to the level of two middle school kids arguing on the back of a bus while on their way to school. I can hardly fault Mr. Goble for having personal tastes, but as a film critic, his articles should have some sort of coherency and governing logic. Examining the work of any good film critic, one will discover this logic. When a critic provides no rational for their judgements, they become merely a snob. And that’s the last thing I want to read.

Taylor Stanton
Music junior

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