The recent “Best of Ann Arbor” section really hurt as an Ann Arbor-ite and student. Chipotle is the best Mexican restaurant in Ann Arbor? No Thai! has the best Thai food? As a Jew, maybe I’m not the best authority on these types of cuisine, but I’m pretty sure they’re both just overpriced fast food joints. The best Mexican food in town is, without a question, Bandito’s — I’d say Prickly Pear if you expanded the category to Southwest. The best Thai would probably be at Tuptim. If you want to have a competition for the best on-campus restaurants, go nuts. But I love the food in my home town, and I’m not going to listen to you tell the entire student body that the best coffee shop in Ann Arbor is a nationwide chain! Students should stray out of their comfort zones and see what Ann Arbor actually has to offer. They might just find tastier, more authentic and, most importantly, more affordable cuisine is just a few extra steps away.

Ephriam Love
LSA senior

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