As the new academic year kicks off, many student organizations start off with heavy recruitment. But as different groups try to get their message out, recruitment can become competitive. Though competition can be a powerful uniting factor, it is our hope that recruitment strategies are done in a respectful manner. Strategies of hazing and destruction of Diag boards, banners and flyers are not going to unite our community. We have seen more of this behavior this year, and it is worth the reminder that respecting competitors is a more effective strategy. As the semester progresses, we would like to encourage co-sponsorships as one way to foster an inclusive campus environment.

It is our individual responsibility to be aware of our own role in promoting a positive and safe campus climate. If you feel that you have been a target of hate or bias, please know that there are confidential resources available to you on campus. Go to and view the reporting section. If you are interested in joining the Expect Respect Student Steering Committee or would like us to collaborate with you on an event on campus, please email us at

Christina Tzortzinis, LSA junior and
Amber Zarb, Graduate Student in the School of Social Work

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