As an out-of-state freshman, I’m very grateful that my parents could afford tuition at one of America’s best —and most expensive—public universities. I chose the University of Michigan because it impressed me with its history of academic excellence, liberal attitude and student activism.

In the past few weeks, the buzzwords on campus clearly are “tuition equality.” Though U.S. law guarantees undocumented students access to public education from kindergarten to senior year, that access isn’t extended to earning a college degree. Although their families pay taxes to the state of Michigan and are active members in Michigan communities, these students aren’t offered in-state tuition rates, and therefore many can’t afford higher education. Many of these students volunteer in their communities, work hard in school, and most importantly, call Michigan their home. They deserve an affordable college education.

I believe a more affordable college education will lead to an equitable distribution of wealth in our country. Education is the only force that breaks the cycle of poverty, and therefore, college shouldn’t be a commodity. I support tuition equality, because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to earn a college degree. I continue to be impressed with the hard work of activists around campus fighting for tuition equality. I’m proud to attend a school where passion for change and equal opportunity is so visible on campus.

Micah Nelson
LSA freshman

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