In a recent letter to the editor (Earth Hour exemplifies anti-progressive principles, 03/27/2009), Victoria Miller opposes turning off the lights for an hour to help the Earth. She asked the readers to consider that “by flipping that switch, you endorse the movement for man to withdraw, to stop changing the environment, and to exist in a primitive, ‘natural’ state”.

Victoria, with six billion people now on the planet, humans are not about to withdraw even if we all turned every light off for a week. Also, please remember that manmade changes include the release of deadly toxins, the clear cutting of forests, the extinction of animals and the destruction brought by climate change. There is a balance, and all the wonderful conveniences you gush about won’t mean as much if you come down with cancer, if you can’t find food or if your house is destroyed by a tornado in January.

The Earth is out of balance because of people. All of us have a responsibility, like it or not, to help restore the Earth and slow, destructive, man-made changes that are mostly due to technology. The conveniences that some worry will be taken away by “tree-huggers” will be meaningless if we don’t work together toward the same common goals: good health, a happy life and prosperity. Yes, Victoria, there is cooperation.

Jacques Mersereau

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