Victoria Miller’s letter to the editor regarding Earth Hour (Earth Hour exemplifies anti-progressive principles, 03/27/2009) was a disturbing example of a prideful attitude toward overconsumption. While the author should receive credit for putting her blatant selfishness up for the entire University to read, it is terrifying to imagine that her voice represents the opinions of many.

The suggestion that making personal energy sacrifices is somehow backtracking, “sacrificing humanity” or disrespecting the ingenuity of past inventors is absolutely absurd. Nobody denies the importance of their discoveries, but that does not make them appropriate for a sustainable future. In fact, it’s precisely that type of innovation that should inspire us to find every possible way to reduce our carbon footprints. Such a viewpoint does not demonstrate appreciation for modern technology but instead demonstrates the danger of ignorant and foolish pride. Environmentally destructive habits are not something to celebrate.

Kaitlin Henry
LSA freshman

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