The title says it all — whatever you do — avoid Sterling 4 Eleven Lofts at all costs. I wouldn’t even recommend it as a last resort. As one reviewer writes “Literally, being homeless would be better than living here.” I have lived at 4 Eleven Lofts for almost a year, and am counting down the days until my lease ends.

I thought about waiting until after I moved out to write this letter, thinking that I didn’t want the 4 Eleven management to treat me any different after they read this, but then I realized that the property managers couldn’t treat me any worse than they already do. And I seriously don’t want anyone to have to experience the same torture as me by living at 4 Eleven Lofts.

Before signing my lease last November, my roommate-to-be and I toured the building and were both extremely impressed. Don’t let this tour fool you. They will tell you anything that you want to hear, just so you can sign. Here are just two online reviews on that: “The staff stop being nice to you RIGHT after you sign the lease” and “Do not be fooled by the management as they try to convince you to sign a lease, because after you do — the way they treat you is the complete opposite. You are nothing to them but a sack of money.” The management here is extremely rude and unhelpful. I’ll admit that I have had to pay my rent late before, but that should not warrant a threat letter stating management’s intent to sue you. They love to charge you unnecessary fees: $50 late fee for rent, $50 fee for lost keycard, $350 subletter fee (just to have someone sublet your room) and a “cleaning” fee of $60, although even I could have cleaned our apartment better than them.

The apartments themselves are sub-par. Management does a very good job at fooling its customers into thinking that the amenities and apartments are luxurious, when they are not at all. The Internet is worse than the dial-up that I had in elementary school. The walls of the apartment are razor thin, as one reviewer writes, “no matter where you are (I’ve been in many apt’s), it seems as though you hear noise from above, below, and to the sides.”

Don’t believe me? Check out Google reviews, Yahoo reviews, newspaper and other online reviews. You will find that almost everyone agrees with me, and those that don’t are most likely the 4 Eleven community assistants reviewing the building themselves.

Avoid at all costs.

Zachary Tebeau
Ross School of Business Junior

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