The Michigan Vision Party and the reMICHIGAN Campaign are pleased to contend with one another in what appears to be the first competitive Michigan Student Assembly election in some time. Though our two organizations disagree on aspects of MSA’s policies and plans for the future, we understand that our potential as a student body can only be reached if we engage in dialogue across the entire campus. It is this difference of perspectives that encouraged most students to enroll at the University, and we are anxious to extend this conversation to student government.

In order for this dialogue to fulfill its potential, our campaigns would like to emphasize that underhanded tactics and dirty politics have no place in this process. Unfortunately, some have already threatened to derail our intent to maintain a respectful campaign. Last week, a malicious individual posed as a candidate in the Daily’s online forum in an effort to slander the candidate whom he was impersonating. Though this was an attack on one candidate and one party, the entire election process is a victim. As parties asking for your vote, we pledge to honor your participation and refuse to engage in smear tactics and negative campaigning. We pledge that our dialogue, whether presented on the pages of the Daily or in the debate that will occur next week, will be civil, engaged and focused on building a better campus community.

Jason Raymond and Bradon Smith are chairs of the reMICHIGAN Campaign and the Michigan Vision Party respectively.

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