Yesterday’s anti-abortion display in the Diag serves as an affront to those on campus passionate about putting an end to actual genocide. As columnist Harsha Nahata eloquently put it (Engage in meaningful debates, 10/4/11), comparing abortion to the Holocaust is both nonsensical and offensive.

For those who spearheaded this display I challenge you — attend the “Pictures of Resistance: The Wartime Photographs of Jewish Partisan Faye Schulman” in the Hatcher Graduate Library. Hear a speaker during the annual Raoul Wallenberg lecture as he or she recalls efforts to save African citizens who are currently being systematically murdered during actual genocide. Surely you anti-abortion folks will find these events just as important in your quest to end a “genocide.” Maybe we can meet up at one of these events and find some common ground? More than likely though, I presume your seats will be empty.

Brianna Knoppow
Rackham student

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