To the campus organization Students for Life and the representatives from the Center of Bio-ethical Reform:

On Monday, I had the unfortunate opportunity of observing your display as I was walking through the Diag to my classes. While I was not able to stop and chat with any of the members in attendance, I assume your massive posters conveyed your message accurately.

What I saw was ultimately sickening and offensive, and I’m talking about something other than the pictures of dead fetuses. If I remember correctly, your organizations were equating abortion to horrific tragedies such as the Holocaust, the lynching of African Americans during times of racial oppression and the Rwandan Genocide.

To put it short, I am infuriated and disgusted with your organizations and their actions. I understand you have passion about the issue you are advocating, and there is nothing wrong with that. But there is no reason to use fear mongering and sensationalism to bully individuals into believing what you believe. I believe everyone has a right to an opinion, whether it be pro-life or pro choice, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal. But differences in opinion must be openly discussed with respect and dignity, not with scare tactics or hype.

If anything, I think your booth has influenced me to never become pro-life, because being associated with people who use sensationalist, ignorant tactics scares me more than your pictures of dead fetuses.

Tobias Franz
Engineering junior

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