After reading the Daily’s editorial (Breaking with tradition, 02/19/2009), I felt compelled to defend the University’s spring break scheduling practices. First, to me, bisecting the semester into two equal halves seems downright logical. Having a weeklong hiatus in between two seven-week sections of school seems pretty ideal. Also, because the University’s winter break is relatively short compared to many other schools, and Thanksgiving break is nearly nonexistent, it’s nice to have a break with no other commitments. Scheduling spring break during, say, Easter would most likely have certain familial obligations for many students, making travel plans difficult.

As for mingling with old friends and making new ones during some kind of inter-school communal break — well, all schools schedule their breaks differently, and there is no way the University could schedule spring break to coincide with more than just a handful of other schools.

Furthermore, scheduling the break before spring break season is in full swing means that traveling is considerably cheaper for students and their families. Any destinations witness substantial rate hikes during peak season times, of and traditional spring break times are included.

Xander Hargraves
LSA senior

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