Dear Mr. Cox,

As a professor at the University of Michigan, I am surprised that you condone the violent harassment and abuse by one of your employees, Andrew Shirvell, toward the president of our student body, Chris Armstrong.

Armstrong has not, so far as I know, done anything to offend your employee nor has he broken any law. It is unfathomable to me that you could tolerate this sort of behavior by anyone who works in your office. It seems extraordinary for a member of the Attorney General’s staff to carry out a lengthy and prolonged campaign of public harassment against a private citizen on account of that citizen’s private life. Are we now to imagine a scenario in which a student at the University of Michigan is obliged to go to court to seek a restraining order against a member of the Attorney General’s staff?

I am frankly perplexed, and I would be grateful for an explanation.


Dr. David M. Halperin
LSA professor

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